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luxury cycle retreat holiday training camp in denia calpe mallorca spain with bike hire




everesting with escapar


According to GCN the perfect Everesting climb should be steep to give a fast rate of ascent,  low altitude (which is less than 1500-2000m) to ensure good oxygen supply, not too short or long, not overly technical and perhaps most importantly, it should be beautiful if you're riding it multiple times.!

Attempt your Everest challenge with escapar on perhaps the perfect choice of Everest climbs anywhere in the world. Contact us to join a group challenge, a supported package or self-guided Everest attempt. 

Xorret del Cati Everesting luxury cycle retreat holiday training camp in denia calpe mallorca spain with bike hire
Sant Esteve Everesting luxury cycle retreat holiday training camp in denia calpe mallorca spain with bike hire
Alt del Campello luxury cycle retreat holiday training camp in denia calpe mallorca spain with bike hire

perfect everest climbs

Valencia is home to many of the best and hardest climbs in Spain. At we are based near the climbs best suited to the everest challenge and have the best choice that you'll find anywhere in the world. Ontinyent is at 350m elevation and most of the climbs rise to around 750-1000m, which make for the perfect Everest altitude.

The most efficient Everest climb with a total ride distance under
 150km is:
Alt  del Campello (Puerto Vallada)  - 2.4km 288m Elevation Gain 11.7% - 147km 

You may also want to consider:  

Xorret del Cati 3.8km 451m Elevation Gain 11.5%
Las Canteras
3.31km 344 Elevation Gain 10.4 (155km Everest)

There are other 'easier' climbs we recommend but which have a longer total distance of around 200km . Obviously ascent each is less challenging than those above, but both are still sufficiently steep for efficient Everesting attempts.

Reconco 4.43 383km Elevation Gain 8.7

Ermita Sant Esteve 4.44km 343m Elevation Gain 8%

Honourable mentions go to the following candidates: Guixop (5km @10.5%) and the Miserat (6km @10.5%) and Cumbres de Sol (3.7km at 10%). Although we don't recommend the latter, as it's mostly a dull climb through a housing estate with cars.

Of course, if you want a gravel based everest challenge we've also got you covered with:

Alt de la Creu 3.2km 31m Elevation Gain 9.9%
Montcabrer 3.4km 422m Elevation Gain 12.2% and only

everest options

We offer the following Everest packages:

Option 1 - Include a self-guided Everest Challenge Day as part of our standard weeks (additional support costs if required)

Option 2 - Fully supported individual or group Everest Challenge package, typically 3-7 days

Option 3 - Scheduled Everest Challenge Weeks
Option 4 - Self Guided Everest Challenge 

We can provide everything from nutrition, hydration, lighting, bike maintenance and support, spares, cheerleading, planning assistance and any necessary logistics.

We recommend a post-travel (flight) easy day upon on arrival, a reconnaissance day to ride the climb or climbs you are considering and intend to use, and a recovery day before travelling.

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alt del Campello

One of our local climbs, with a start in Vallada only 17km from Ontinyent in the Serra Grossa mountains. This stunning climb takes you towards Ontinyent past a beautiful hermitage, natural saltwater lake and underground cave system.

It has long been used in the Vuelta and Volta Valencia and was one of the places a young Allberto Contador, riding for the Discovery Team, broke onto the international scene leaving a peloton turning squares behind him. It is rightly feared as one of the hardest climbs in Spain.

With adequate gearing, a determined rider can Everest in 147km.

In our view, it makes the best choice ahead of Xorret del Cati which is slightly longer and harder as an individual climb. The surface is good and the ascent offers shade for most of the climb. Given it's shorter length than say Xorret del Cati, it allows for some recovery between attempts and the descent is quick even when taken with caution.


Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 17.56.53.png

xorret del cati

Perhaps the most iconic and hardest climb in the region and scene of many battles between the world's best climbers, including recent Froome and Contador duels. Based in the stunning Maigmo National Park, the climb starts near Castalla and is often included on our more challenging weeks, alongside or as an alternative the Reconco.

The descent is more challenging than the Campello which may slow progress, and there's less shade, but it also makes a compelling Everest candidate for those seeking the hardest way to do it.

We recommend a transfer to the start, which is 45min away or a 40km cycle ride.


Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 18.05.44.png

las canteras

Another cycling classic, most recently laying witness to Valverde take the stage victory over Adam Yates in the 2018 Volta Valencia.

Just over 20km from Ontinyent and climbing into the Serra Mariola National park, this makes for a 155km Everest attempt. In our opinion, this or the Campello make for the best choice.

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 18.11.37.png

gravel - alt del la creu

This climb starts just a couple of kilometres from HQ at Casa Sanz. It's a dirt road passable by car and links Ontinyent with Bocairent by the Serra Ontinyent mountains.

It's doable on an MTB and gravel bike year-round and if the surface has been 'smoothed' for the Guardia Forestal during the summer, where it's used as a fire break road, it is rideable on a road bike with fat tyres. However, that makes for a slower descent than is ideal.

An Everest attempt is 180km.

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 18.18.24.png

gravel - montcabrer

This climb is popular with mountain bikers and could lay claim to be the most beautifully efficient Everest route available.

The road is a mixture of tarmac, gravel, some steep concrete corners and strade bianche and drivable by car as far as the refuge. Most of it is rideable on a roadbike, but swifter progress on a gravel bike or MTB is ensured. The steep descent is not fun on 25c road tyres!

The climb starts just outside of Agres, 16km from Ontinyent in the Serra Mariola National park. It ascends towards Montcabrer and summits just before the stunning ice caves of Cava Gran.

The total Everest attempt is a mere 142km, but be warned it is a hard climb!

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We recommend you explore for more everesting information.
The calculator will also let you explore and plan climbs using our strava routes and segments.

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