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Xorret del Cati

elevation: 1096m   gradient: 4.9%   distance: 12.4km
Xorret del Cati (from Petrer)

Another of the 1000m inland mountains to the west of the region and perhaps the most famous. It has been used as decisive summit finish in Professional cycling and a statue to Jose Maria Jiminez commemorates his 1998 victory here. It's set in the beautiful Sierra del Maigmo national park, which provides a beautiful verdant contrast to the arid and rocky terrain to the south and coast in this part of the region. The climb from the Castalla side has sustained sections above 11% and ramps at around 25% as it rises to 1096m making it one of the highest and hardest in the region. The climb from Petrer is more forgiving and affords more time to take in the beautiful views. The lower slopes also provide some decent shade in the hot summer.

XorretDelCati-from Petrer.png
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